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Range of symmetrical strikes, 12V

Product reference: 
  • Symmetrical strike
  • Stainless steel faceplate
  • Adjustable jaw
  • Fail secure, fail safe and monitored versions
  • Reversible
SR12Symmetrical fail secure strike, 12Vac/dc
SR12CCSymmetrical fail secure strike, 12Vdc, continuous rating
SIR12Symmetrical fail safe strike, 12Vdc
SPR12CCSymmetrical fail secure strike, 12Vdc, monitored, continuous rating
SPIR12Fail safe strike, monitored, 12Vdc, c/w TG1I
SR24CC Fail secure strike, 24Vdc continuous
SIR24Fail safe strike, 24Vdc
SR24CCFail safe strike, 24Vdc continuous, c/w TG1I

Symmetricla strike, with stainless faceplate

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