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Architectural handle, incorporating 300kg magnets

Product reference: 
  • Secure surface mount
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Pre-assembled with monitored magnets
  • Holding force spead evenly - no door flexing
  • Aesthetic profile for new or retrofit applications
BO600RPArchitectural handle, 2500 mm c/w 2 x 300kg monitored magnets
BO600RP3VArchitectural handle, 2500 mm c/w 3 x 300kg monitored magnets
REO2500mm aluminium spacer, 5mm thick
ALMA2500mm cable tray
REOMA2500mm kit - comprising 2 x REO, 2 x ALMA
RALRAL colour option
CUTTINGCutting housing to customer specified length
CABB2000mm magnet extension cable
  • Architectural profile handle with 300kg monitored magnets
  • Suitable for wood, metal & glass doors
  • Pre-drilled and assembled for easy installation
  • Inset black grab handle included (fitting optional)

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