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BO800RN & BO1200RN

BO800RN & BO1200RN

Architectural handle, incorporating 400kg magnets

Product reference: 
  • Secure surface mount
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Pre-assembled with monitored magnets
  • Holding force spead evenly - no door flexing
  • Aesthetic profile for new or retrofit applications


BO800RNArchitectural handle, 2500 mm c/w 2 x 400kg monitored magnets
BO800RN3MArchitectural handle, 3000 mm c/w 2 x 400kg monitored magnets
BO1200RNArchitectural handle, 2500 mm c/w 3 x 400kg monitored magnets
BO1200RN3MArchitectural handle, 3000 mm c/w 3 x 400kg monitored magnets
UBK252500mm glass door "U" bracket
PRP8002500mm mimic handle section for reverse side of door
CUTTINGCutting housing to customer specified length
CABB2000mm magnet extension cable
CUTTINGCutting housings to customer specified length
PBO400RN40400mm handle c/w 1 magnet monitored
PBO800RN60600 handle c/w 2 magnets monitored
  • Architectural profile handle with 400kg monitored magnets
  • Suitable for wood, metal & glass doors
  • Pre-drilled and assembled for easy installation
  • 3000mm versions available


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