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CDVI have upgraded

CDVI have recently upgraded their phone system to a cloud based solution to improve customer support.

If you find it hard to reach us please email and we will call you straight back.

Kind Regards - CDVI Ltd

Choose the colour of your MOONAR!

Choose the colour of your reader during installation. 

The 125 kHz proximity reader MOONAR now comes with both a white and black cover. The MOONAR was previously sold as either black or white, but is now sold as one unit which includes both covers.  

This reader can be ordered with the reference MOONARWB.

The MOONARWB displays the status of the door by means of multi-coloured backlighting:

What's new at CDVI? November Newsletter

Topics of this newsletter: 

  • Digiway Spring Return now available 
  • ATRIUM app finder 

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What was the IP address of my ATRIUM again?

Thanks to the 'ATRIUM Finder' (available for Android or iOS) app, your smartphone will show you all present AC22's on the network. 
A simple click on the desired AC22 opens the web page with the login and password. This app is very useful when you or your client does not know the IP address of their ATRIUM. 

The ATRIUM finder app is now available in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Download today!

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  • The Security Show 2015
  • Security TWENTY15 Heathrow registration

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What's new at CDVI? July Newsletter

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  • Security TWENTY15 Newcastle 
  • New product releases 

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