New Features and New Possibilities in ATRIUM 4.2

After the launch of a new web interface and app, the upgraded elevator control function and the Aperio integration in September 2017, we are now proud to announce new features in our ATRIUM web-based access control.

All ATRIUM controllers will be delivered with software and firmware in the 4.2 version. An important new feature is the Evacuation, Invacuation and Lockdown feature.
On the basis of an emergency event, there is now the possibility to lock the entire system. This feature is especially suitable for schools and public buildings to protect users in case of an emergency (such a shooting incidents or other). Using the Evacuation, Invacuation and Lockdown feature, doors will lock and then go back to their normal use thanks to a password or special cards.

New in the software
• Lockdown function
• Improved system overview
• Improved event identification by colour coding
• Offline programming
• Export from users, cards, codes and access levels in xml
• Import from users, cards, codes and levels of access XML, CSV, TXT or XLS
• Improved camera settings
• Additional door classroom settings: normal/apartment/privacy

New in the web interface and app
• Lockdown function
• Separate card management
• Easy to add new cards via the "event card".
• Update firmware - A22 extensions is now possible.

You can now download this free new software and firmware in the download section of our website – please remember to log into your account first to be able to access it.

GDPR compliance
Many have heard of the new legislation on the protection of personal data (GDRP - General Data Protection Regulation) which needs to be implemented by all by May 2018.
Not only does this affect us as a company, it also affects our access control equipment that must comply with it. We have already adapted our systems and both the latest versions of ATRIUM and CENTAUR are GDPR compliant. This means that events older than 90 days will continue to exist in the systems but all personal data related will automatically be removed from the system.
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More information about our ATRIUM web-based access control system here.