Newsletter - November 2019

We are pleased to announce some exciting news about our local technical support offer in Ireland and South Africa as well as the upgrade of our patented V Series (internal magnets).

We are also featuring a case study piece on the use of our ATRIUM Online Access Control for car park management, a cost-effective and easy solution always backed by our unique 10 year warranty.

Read below to find out more and as usual, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or 01628 531300.
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We have new local support phone numbers!

Bringing the expertise of our technical support team closer to you
United Kingdom - 01628531300
Ireland - 1800939590 
South Africa - 0800014506

Our V magnets soon replaced by VS magnets

Our V3, V4 and V5 magnets will be available while stock last before being replaced by VS versions, featuring lock monitoring as standard.

Can ATRIUM help me manage a car park? YES! 

Our ATRIUM online access control can give access to a predefined number of cars, for example in a car park. 
Users will need to have the right to park there but this feature can also be managed via the ATRIUM free software and free end user interface. 

Once the maximum number of cars is reached, the card reader will refuse access. The exit allows for the control of “full car park” display signs. As soon as a car leaves the car park, a new car can access the car park.
It is also possible to use a licence plate recognition camera with ATRIUM.

Contact our Technical Support team for more information on this feature.