Newsletter - Spring 2018

New ATRIUM upgrade!
ATRIUM is our web-based access control system controlling up to 500 doors and fully GDPR compliant.
New updates include elevator controller for up to 64 floors and a crisis management feature to fit end users' expectations.
Click here for more information.

New Strikes!
Dustproof and weatherproof strikes, a special strike designed for high security environments with 750g holding force and a super compact strike incorporating the latest technology for a perfect installation everytime!
Visit our strike webpage.

Free Training!
Our Technical Support Manager, Ian Oakley, offers three training sessions a month on our DIGIWAY Series and our ATRIUM web-based access control as well as a basic electric locking training.
This free in-house training ensures that every installer gets the best value out of our products.
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Showcase your work!
Did you work on a fun or unusual installation using CDVI products lately?
We’d loved to hear about it and showcase your work.
Submit your project here.

Upcoming events
Come and meet our team at:
-ADI EXPO London on 21st March at the Twickenham Stadium - Register here
-DIGIWAY Training on 5th April at OPREMA in Cardiff - Register here
-SecurityTWENTY 18 Scotland on 1st May in Glasgow - Register here