Our 3 best-selling transmission solutions

CDVI offers a full range of innovative transmission solutions for every situation and installation. Manufactured in Italy by CDVI Wireless, transmitters and receivers cover a wide range of possible applications, from door and blind automation to helping referees raise flags during football games in Switzerland!

Our 3 transmission best-sellers

The OPR-KIT allows you to create your own wireless device. It is especially useful in areas where it is difficult to run cables or where a retrofit installation is necessary. In fact anything that operates a volt free normally open switch can be converted into a radio control, thanks to the SETMC1C9V transmitters!
Recent applications include wireless exit buttons fitted to our RPSS-CUT posts and wireless key switches in historical buildings.

The stylish GALEO-R has been developed to offer a keypad solution to areas where it is difficult or uneconomical to run cables either indoors or outside.
Featuring audible feedback and manufactured from heavy duty Zamak cast alloy, the GALEO-R employs the latest Keeloq technology to help prevent the cloning of radio signals. The keypad is compatible with all CDVI receivers in the RX26 range

3- TX26-S7E4
The TX26-S7E4 is a high security transmitter utilising the latest Keeloq rolling code technology. It is ideal for automated doors and gates, public or private access, residential or industrial environments. 
Its innovative robust and stylish design makes it perfect for both internal and external usage.
This best-selling transmitter thanks to its stylish design also features an optional integral proximity tag, allowing users to operate doors, gates or blinds with either a radio signal or with a proximity reader.

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