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CDV4796KP-DX Kits

CDV4796KP-DX Kits

1-way entry kit with keypad, black or white, with mobile app

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CDV4796KP-DX Kits
  • Black or white monitor
  • Door station with integral keypad
  • 2-wire connection
  • Expandable
  • WIFI connection and mobile app
CDV4796KP-DX-B1-way entry kit with keypad, black, with mobile app
CDV4796KP-DX-W1-way entry kit with keypad, white, with mobile app

The 2Easy Series from CDVI offers you advanced security with an innovative WIFI connection with no monthly or annual subscription cost.
Thanks to its 2-wire non polarised connection, installation and maintenance are simple and straightforward.
The CDV47DX now includes Wi-Fi connection and a new mobile app, allowing users to control access from their phone by receiving calls or remotely releasing multiple locks. 

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