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DPM Series

DPM Series

Door position monitor for surface magnetic locks

Product reference: 
  • Monitors the door position
  • Retrofits to surface magnets
  • Saves fitting door contacts
  • Changeover contact
  • Options for 300kg, 400kg and 500kg magnets
DPM300Door position monitor for surface 300kg magnets
DPM400Door position monitor for surface 400kg magnets
DPM500Door position monitor for surface 500kg magnets

The DPM Series provides a cost effective method for door position monitoring. Added to a monitored electromagnetic lock, the DPM ensures a  more infallible system.
It is ideal for auto-relock control and saves fitting door contacts.
The DPM Series comes in three versions for 300kg, 400kg and 500kg V series surface magnets.

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