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Architrave all active switch "wheelchair logo & PUSH TO OPEN"

Product reference: 
  • High quality stainless steel
  • Large all-active target area
  • Surface
  • UK back-box format
  • Suitable for DDA environments
RTEPTOD-AArchitrave all active exit switch, surface

Our range of “All Active” exit switches have a brushed stainless steel faceplate and are supplied as flush or surface. These switches fit on a standard UK back box, so they are very flexible to install.
“All Active” means the complete surface area of the face will activate the switch. This is ideal for those who have difficulty targetting a smaller button and is particularly suited for DDA compliance and general high traffic areas such as hospitals, public buidings and colleges.
All models include a heavy-duty micro switch with a common, normally open & normally closed changeover contact. 

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