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AT500-1H / AT500-2-2H

AT500-1H / AT500-2-2H

1M & 2M surface housings for AT500M magnetic lock

Product reference: 
  • SAA finish (Satin Anodised Aluminium)
  • Forms part of door frame
  • Easy installation
  • Visually aesthetic
  • RAL colours available on request
AT500-1H1-metre housing with 1 cut-out
AT500-2-1H2-metre housing with 1 cut-out
AT500-2-2H2-metre housing with 2 cut-out
AT500-2-2HV2-metre housing with 2 cut-out, vertical fix
AT500-1LL-bracket for AT500-1 housing
AT500-2LL-bracket for AT500-2 housing
AT500M500kg transom magnet, monitored

A new range of transom housings have been introduced to the CDVI range. Available for single or double doors, and for use with 500kg AT500 magnets.
Transom housings provide a smarter finish to the installation of magnetic locks, and form part of the door frame. Transoms provide a secure fixing for magnets which is ideal for use in public buildings where safety is paramount. For use on inward opening doors, the transom housing will be fixed to the header above the door, and Z brackets will be required to install the armature on the door leaf.
The AT500 Series can only be used with the AT500M magnetic lock.

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