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ATRIUM Elevator Controller

Product reference: 
  • Area Capacity Management for Social Distancing
  • Metal cased for security
  • Built in Destination Reporting Module 
  • Includes free software 
  • Up to 64 floors

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A22-ECATRIUM Elevator Controller
CAA-480ARelay Module
CAA-482PDestination Reporting Module

ATRIUM features a counter function allowing you to control access to and capacity of a building or area by generating user profiles. This enables social distancing in your premises and helps get you back to work safely!

The A22-EC is the latest upgrade of the ATRIUM product range. It allows elevator control for up to 64 floors. 
Thanks to the optional Destination Reporting Module (DRM) (see structural drawing), users can enable antitailgating on floor selection and get reports on the users’ floor choice. 
This product truly improves the value of the web-based access control by allowing elevator control on top of the regular door access control.
The embedded web server allows easy management of the system, users, cards events and door control, anywhere and anytime.  

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