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ATRIUM PoE Ultra Controller

Product reference: 
  • Area Capacity Management for Social Distancing
  • 2 doors and 2 readers expander
  • Built in PoE + 66 Watt Splitter 
  • Includes free software & free app
  • Up to 500 doors

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A22-POEATRIUM PoE Ultra Controller
POE-IPOE + Injector

ATRIUM features a counter function allowing you to control access to and capacity of a building or area by generating user profiles. This enables social distancing in your premises and helps get you back to work safely!

The A22-POE is a 2-door and 2-reader expander part of the ATRIUM product range. The A22-POE can power 2 magnetic locks over PoE and the system capicity is up to 500 doors and 10,000 users.
It also features an auto-detect function for easy installation and use.
The A22-POE is delivered and built in a metal case with tamper for increased security while providing ample room to make connections. 

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