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ATRIUM 2-door controller 

Product reference: 
  • Metal cased for security
  • Built in web-server, PSU and battery charger 
  • Ample room to make connections 
  • Includes free software 
  • Up to 10 doors 
A22ATRIUM 2-door controller

The A22 is a 2-door controller using the ATRIUM technology. By adding A22's as extension modules, eight additional doors can be connected to the A22, which increases the total capacity to 10 doors. When using 10 x A22's and 40 x A22's as extention modules, the capacity of the system increases to its maximum of 100 doors.
The A22 has a built in web browser, an integral power supply and includes an RS485 communication bus with automatic detection (no risk of errors due to lack of jumpers or DIP switches). The "quick start-up" programming cards allow for easy and quick programming.
The A22 is delivered and built in a metal case for security while giving ample room to make connections.

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