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ATRIUM Aperio Enabled Controller/Expander

Product reference: 
  • Metal cased for security
  • Built in PSU and battery charger 
  • Ample room to make connections 
  • Includes free software 
  • Up to 500 doors
AP22Aperio controller/expander
AH30Aperio hub
E100Aperio wireless handle
C100Aperio wireless handle
PAP-TOOLAperio wireless USB programming tool

The AP22 Controller and Expander marks the integration of CDVI' ATRIUM technology with the Aperio product range and stylish handles.
The secured wireless connection between the ATRIUM module and the handles allow full mobility and easy programming, while still allowing up to 500 doors and 10,000 users on the network.
The AP22 is delivered and built in a metal case for security while giving ample room to make connections.

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