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2-door controller

Product reference: 
  • 2-door intelligent controller
  • Built in power supply
  • Secure metal case
  • Accepts 3 expansion units
  • Simple architecture to 2048 doors
CTV900ATR2-door controller
CS-AC50-SUSBCentaur standard software licence & key
CS-AC50-PUSBCentaur professional software licence & key
CSWSPAK-5Centaur workstation licence & key

The CTV900ATR is the core of the Centaur access control system and enables the management of up to 2,048 doors with memory for 256 different schedules and access levels. The integrated database has a capacity of 10,920 chips, including badges, digital fingerprints and codes.
The server, the readers, the expansion modules as well as all inputs and outputs are connected directly to the CTV900ATR. Systems with multiple controllers are connected by the RS485 communication bus, using E-Bus technology for the expansion modules. The database architecture software allows any controller to make crucial decisions in a fraction of a second.
Installer's choose the CTV900ATR for the quality, robustness and remarkably stable operation.

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