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Range of strike kits, adjustable jaw

Product reference: 
  • Surface & flush option in a kit
  • Fail secure or fail safe available
  • Adjustable jaw
  • Powder coated steel
  • Built-in MOV
GAERFail secure strike kit, 12Vac/dc, adjustable jaw
GAEIR12Fail safe strike kit, 12Vdc, adjustable jaw
GAEIR24Fail safe strike kit, 24Vdc, adjustable jaw
GAER12CCFail secure strike kit, 12Vdc, continuous rated, adjustable jaw
GAER24CCFail secure strike kit, 24Vdc, continuous rated, adjustable jaw

The G series of Euro electric strikes by CDVI have long been accepted as the industry standard for audio video entry systems to residential flats and small businesses. 
Offering both a mortice plate and rim housing, with either a fixed (GAE) or adjustable jaw (GAER), they are a must have product for any installation engineer. The G series is one of our bestselling models, coupled with a 5 year warranty.
The MOV (metal oxide varistor) fitted inside all G Series strikes protects your system from electric spikes that can cause damage to electronic control devices.

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