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DX Series

DX Series

Fail secure lock

Product reference: 
  • 22mm, 32mm or 50mm backset
  • Double action doors
  • Euro cylinder provision
  • Reliable lock technology
  • 5 year warranty
DX22Fail secure lock - 22mm backset
DX32Fail secure lock - 32mm backset
DX50SFail secure lock - 50mm backset

The DX Series from CDVI offers high quality, fail secure locking with follower and provision for a euro-cylinder override. Easy to install, with a simple operation, the DX Series is a high performance and versatile lock to suit many requirements.
Unusually, for a lock of this type, power is not required on the door leaf. The clever design of operation means the keeper houses the electronics, so there is no need for door loops etc.
Because of the method of locking, the DX Series can be used on both single and double action doors. 

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