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WR Series

WR Series

Range of weatherproof and dustproof electric strikes

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  • Weatherproof & Dustproof - IP65
  • Fail secure
  • Gasket sealed
  • Manual hold-open function
  • Built-in MOV
T2GE-12DWeatherproof and Dustproof Electric Strike - Right handed
T2GE-12GWeatherproof and Dustproof Electric Strike - Left handed

The T2GE-12 is a newly available CDVI product. It was designed for special installations where waterproof and dustproof features are required, such as outside installations and sterile environments. It features a protected gasket seal and has a holding force of over 400kg measured at the jaw.
The T2GE-12 also features a manual hold-open function and built-in MOV, offering a unique product for external pedestrian gates.
The MOV (metal oxide varistor) fitted inside all WR fail secure strikes protects your system from electric spikes that can cause damage to electronic control devices.

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