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Infrared exit switch

Product reference: 
  • High quality stainless steel
  • “No Touch” trigger
  • Simple to install
  • Suitable for DDA
  • High traffic use
RTE-IR-SInfrared exit switch, surface
RTE-IR-FInfrared exit switch, flush

Our range of infrared exit switches have a brushed stainless steel faceplate and are supplied as flush or surface. These switches fit onto a standard UK back box, making them very flexible to install.
Infrared detection allows the presence of a hand to be in close proximity of the device to activate the switch, without having to make contact. This is ideal for clean environments, DDA compliant installations and general high traffic areas such as hospitals, public buildings and colleges.
The RTE-IR can be connected directly to an access control device to be used as an exit button, or installed as a standalone device - the built-in relay with timer is suitable to operate fail secure and fail safe locking devices. The bi-coloured LED indicator gives visual verification of the device status.  

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