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Facial recognition and temperature detection solution

Product reference: 
  • Facial recognition and temperature detection
  • Up to 30,000-face capacity
  • 0.3°C temperature accuracy
  • Desktop and standing mounts
  • Perfect for health management

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FTC1000Facial recognition and temperature detection terminal
C20Tabletop base
C110Adult-height base and column

FTC1000 is a next-generation facial recognition and temperature detection solution, for high security biometric access control and health management. 

This visual recognition terminal delivers the latest technology in a sleek and modern design to match any interior aesthetic. You can register up to 30,000 faces that can be recognised even if the user is wearing a PPE mask, and measure body temperatures to within 0.3°C accuracy.

The FTC1000 is a secure and easy-to-use system that ensures hygienic touch-free access while monitoring vital health data to keep everyone safe.

The FTC1000 can be paired with a base and mounted on tabletop, or on a standing column which comes in child- and adult-size.

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