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High speed facial recognition terminal

Product reference: 
  • Highly accurate facial recognition terminal
  • Dual camera for optimised facial matching & detection
  • Automatic capture of people
  • High speed face matching
  • Built-in MIFARE® DESFire® card reader 
IFACEHigh speed facial recognition terminal

The ievo iface™ is an advanced face recognition terminal that provides highly accurate face recognition with very efficient processing of face images for high matching accuracy. 

iface™ provides a fully touchless and safe access control solution for various environments. The device can be mounted on walls, desks, turnstiles etc. 

iface has 2 cameras for optimised face matching & detection (NIR), allowing authentication & authorisation at only 3sec. The built-in RFID card reader with MIFARE® DESFire® protocol enables card access where required. 

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