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IEVO-M micro™ Fingerprint Reader

IEVO-M micro™ Fingerprint Reader

ievo micro™ Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Product reference: 
  • Internal use biometric fingerprint reader 
  • Up to 50,000 fingerprints via control board 
  • 2-door, turnstile & other integrations 
  • Capacitive proximity detection 
  • Visual and audible feedback
  • ISO PAD Level 1 compliant when spoof detection is enabled
IEVO-MIEVO-M micro™ Fingerprint Reader
IEVO-M+IEVO-M micro™ Fingerprint Reader with Card Reader

The micro™ is a compact fingerprint reader designed for internal use only, looking to secure small to medium sized facilities. It uses an optical sensor and delivers a fast and reliable biometric solution saving time and costs to any business. 

The fingerprint reader is enabled for 128-bit data transmission and provides highly accurate and quality images to be transferred to the Control Board, where the data is securely stored. Here it performs 1:N, matching up to 50,000 (10,000 standard) fingerprint templates.

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