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IEVO-MB Controller

IEVO-MB Controller

2-reader ievo control board

Product reference: 
  • Matches up to 50,000 fingerprints
  • Supports 2 fingerprint reader units 
  • Dual channel Wiegand output 
  • AC/DC or PoE+ power options 
  • LED indication for clear operations 
  • Integration into existing systems
IEVO-MB10K2-reader ievo control board, 10,000 fingerprints
IEVO-MB10KPOE2-reader PoE ievo control board, 10,000 fingerprints
IEVO-MB50K2-reader ievo control board, 50,000 fingerprints
IEVO-MB50KPOE2-reader PoE ievo control board, 50,000 fingerprints

The ievo™ Control Board is a powerful fingerprint matching system supporting ievo fingerprint readers. It acts as a main communication platform for integration, authentication and data processing. 

The board supports up to 2 readers (read in, read out) and is highly modulable and adaptable to your environment: components can be easily added, removed or replaced if necessary. The output can be converted to allow Wiegand output be transformed to RS485 or RS422. 

An optional enclosed power supply unit is available and can provide a power option for remote installations.

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