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V5S (S500)

V5S (S500)

Surface 500kg magnetic lock, visual indication

Product reference: 
  • Surface mount
  • 12 or 24Vdc operation
  • Rounded profile
  • Innovative visual indication
  • Z&L bracket available
V5SSurface 500kg magnetic lock

The V5S is a surface maglock with a holding force up to 500kg. A door positionning monitor (DPM500) is available for a more infallible system.
It is part of an extansive range of electromagnetic locks manufactured by CDVI, offering high quality and high performance locking with exceptional features to enhance your installation.
Each magnet is supplied in professional packaging for ease of identification, and each package includes security “catch” ropes to prevent the magnetic lock falling, ensuring the locks can be mounted safely without the risk of injury.

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