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2-door interlock kit

Product reference: 
  • 2-door airlock control 
  • 2-door auto lock control 
  • Unlock timer, lock & contact included 
  • Easy to add security and radio devices (e.g. keypads, receivers) 
  • Ideal for secure environments like jewellers, laboratories & clean rooms
ICM-2-KIT2-door interlock kit

The ICM-2-Kit includes the versatile ICM-2 interlock controller and ancillaries required to install a complete 2-door interlock system. The ICM-2 allows control of 2 doors requiring a standard ‘air-lock’ meaning only one door can be open at any one time or with auto-lock function: both doors are unlocked until one door is opened locking the opposite door. (see ICM-2 datasheet for more details) 

The kit includes a 2 amp boxed power supply, 2 x 300kg monitored maglocks and brackets, 4 x RTE buttons for both sides of the door, an emergency break glass unit and 2 x VHLD delay timers for the lock release time, all supplied in one kit.

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