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DIN mount receiver, 4 relays

Product reference: 
  • 4 changeover relays
  • Rolling code
  • 85 transmitters/buttons memory 
  • DIN mount 
  • Suitable for industrial or domestic use
RX26-DINDIN mount receiver, 4 relays, rolling code
SEA433Tuned aerial 433Mhz cable RG58 x 3.5m

The RX26-DIN receiver is ideal for operation of automation and alarm devices requiring up to a maximum contact load of 3.5kW.
Flexibility comes from 4 full changeover relays along with the option of being able to set pulse or latch for each individual relay.
The RX26-DIN features standard 35mm DIN rail attachment for ease of mounting, 12V AC or DC input supply, external button triggering and connection for the SEA433 antenna (optional).

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