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Receiver, 1 relay, 230Vac

Product reference: 
  • 1 Relay
  • 500 Transmitter memory
  • 230Vac
  • Keeloq® Hopping Code
  • IP55
RX26-XPL1VReceiver, 1 relay, 230Vac

The RX26-XPL1 series allows the easy operation and programming of the RX26-XPL whilst increasing the memory to 500 transmitters and adding an IP55 enclosure. 
Each relay can be separately configured for pulse, timed or latch modes, with a maximum contact rating of 24VA at 60V. Security is upheld by the use of Keeloq rolling code decryption.
The RX26-XPL1 also comes in 12Vac version (RX26-XPL1P). An input is available for the SEA433 tuned aerial.

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