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Stainless steel keypad

Product reference: 
  • Backlit for convenience 
  • Narrow style to suit restrictive frame sizes 
  • Vandal resistant 
  • Remote electronics (optional for added security) 
  • Secure surface mount 
PROFIL100E-CNarrow backlit keypad with remote electronics, 2 relays

The PROFIL100E-C is a narrow style, high quality, stainless steel keypad with soft blue backlighting. It is ideal for narrow door styles where ruggedness and aesthetics are important. 
Its design and its high resistance to vandalism makes it suitable to secure residential, commercial and industrial sites. The compatibility of the DGA with all CDVI locking devices gives you the flexibility to optimize your security. 
The security level of the PROFIL100E-C is increased due to the electronics being housed away from the keypad. 

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