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Volumetric laser safety sensor for swing doors

Product reference: 
  • Touchless laser safety sensor for swing doors
  • 4 layers of laser curtains create a volumetric safety guard
  • Easy configuration process
  • Virtual activation buttons or presence activation
  • Self-learning installation & self-adjusting operation
  • Ideal for DIGIWAY door operators
DW-FLATSCAN3DVolumetric laser safety sensor for swing doors

The DW-FLATSCAN3D sensor is a new addition to CDVI’s range of door automation sensors, using cutting-edge laser technology with volumetric field of view and time of flight to create an extremely accurate and reliable safety solution for swing door operators. 

The DW-FLATSCAN3D accomplishes this using a volumetric curtain of 4 lasers and time of flight technology, rather than traditional infrared detection. The unit is the next generation of DW-FLATSCAN which generates a high resolution volumetric laser curtain, enabling the door to work as a virtual presence detection system enabling the door to only move when the whole pathway is clear and also allows for virtual activation buttons. 

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