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Digital 7-day timer

Product reference: 
  • 7-day timer
  • 8 ON/OFF schedules
  • LED indication
  • Battery backup
  • Ideal for "Free Access" unlocking periods
TH827-12Digital timer, 12Vac/dc
TH827-24Digital timer, 24Vac/dc
TH827-240Digital timer, 240Vac/dc

A range of timers and relays to complement any access control system - from simple switching and lock release delay, to the control of timed free access through an electronically locked door, these accessories are essential for any engineers toolbox.
The TH Series of timers provide various weekly and daily programmes to control the automatic release of locks for “free access” periods. Easy to programme, with LCD digital displays to give visual feedback, these timers allow up to 8 on/off schedules to be applied daily or weekly - in fact there are pre-set groups of days to assist in the set up of the programming.
The timers operate automatically but also include a manual override. They include an NCID battery back up for timing, and are available in different voltages.

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