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What is access control and why does your business need it?

Access control is about controlling, limiting, or restricting the people who can enter a certain area. Knowing who can access a physical or virtual space is essential for day-to-day operations in many parts of our lives. But why is access control so essential for businesses and what are the benefits that businesses will see?

CDVI Named Finalists Twice in the PSI Premier Awards

Global access control manufacturer CDVI has been named a finalist in two categories of the PSI Premier Awards. 

CDVI’s brand new iface™ biometric facial recognition solution has been nominated in the Access Control Product of the Year 2022 category, while the CDVI Academy training programme is a finalist for the Manufacturer/Distributor Training Award 2022.

V Series Maglocks: the unsung heroes of access control

Electro-magnetic locks are the unsung heroes of access control and security systems. All the fancy readers, biometric scanners, and swish exit buttons in the world are nothing without a solid lock that keeps the door firmly closed.

We don’t want to blow our own trumpets (okay – we do a little bit…) but our V Series are the best electro-magnetic locks on the market. Here’s some of the reasons why!

CDVI Releases Advanced High Speed Facial Recognition Product

Global access control manufacturer CDVI has announced the official release of iface™, an advanced biometric facial recognition unit.  

Following a successful and exclusive preview of the product at The Security Event 2021, iface is now available to buy for UK and international customers.  

CDVI Wins ADI Access Control Suppliers Award

Global access control manufacturer CDVI were presented the annual Access Control Suppliers Award at the ADI Symposium on 9th March 2022.

Facial recognition: a phenomenon or the future?

Facial recognition technology is a visual analytics tool that detects and authenticates human identities using the biometric data contained in the shape and features of their face. When employed in an access control system, the camera identifies human faces in its detection zone and compares them to its database. If the system matches the person’s face with a template saved in the database (and they have the correct permissions to enter the door), they are granted access.

PRESS RELEASE: CDVI Releases Integration for isync and Paxton's Net2

Global access control manufacturer CDVI has announced the official release of a new integration between isync, the software behind ievo biometric fingerprint readers, and Paxton's Net2 access control.

What is KeeLoq® hopping code and how does it work?

You might have seen the term KeeLoq® rolling code or hopping code in reference to transmitters and receivers. But what does it mean and how does it work?

Choosing the right credentials for your access control system

What are credentials?

Access control systems restrict and regulate entry to secure buildings or defined areas. In order to control the access, the systems require a means of identifying individuals and verifying whether they have permission to gain entry. Credentials are that means of identification.

There are three basic categories of credentials:

Important changes to our office hours

Important information regarding temporary alterations to our normal schedule for the Christmas 2021 season, and a permanent change that will come into effect in 2022. 

NOTICE: Changes to our carriage charges

We are making some changes to our carriage charges. 


We have been busy here at CDVI! We've got so many new products to show off that we've brought them all together here. 

PRESS RELEASE: CDVI Releases IP Video Entry System

CDVI has expanded its 2EASY video door entry range with a new IP technology series. The series includes a stylish new internal monitor which blends seamlessly into any environment. 

CDVI Releases CCTV & Numberplate Recognition Modules for ATRIUM

Global access control innovator CDVI has released two new modules for ATRIUM access control. Designed to allow the conception and installation of comprehensive building management systems, the new modules allow CCTV and numberplate recognition technology to be used in conjunction with ATRIUM access control.

CDVI Announces Integration for ATRIUM Access Control and ievo Biometrics

Following the successful acquisition of biometric recognition specialists ievo at the end of 2020, global security technology manufacturer CDVI has announced a new off-the-shelf integration for ATRIUM access control.

Biometric Access Control: How Secure Is It Really?

Physical access control systems are becoming increasingly popular and necessary for organisations large and small. The driving force behind this growth is the perceived need for ever more robust security. However, convenience is also an extremely – possibly equally – important factor. Biometric access solutions, utilising fingerprints, retina scans, or facial recognition, are often lauded for their unique combination of security and convenience.

But just how reliable are biometric security solutions?

CDVI Announces Attendance at The Security Event 2021

Leading access control and security manufacturer CDVI has announced its enthusiastic participation in The Security Event. The three-day exhibition returns in September 2021 after being postponed and then cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Taking place at the NEC in Birmingham from 7th to 9th September 2021, The Security Event attracts a wide audience of UK-based security installers, specifiers, and other professionals.

What is AES encryption and how does it work?

AES encryption, or Advanced Encryption Standard, is a type of cypher (a method of transforming a message to conceal its meaning) that protects the transfer of data through the internet.

Technology advances constantly, and at the time of writing, AES is one of the most common and trusted encryption protocols. It combines speed of usage with robust security, meaning day-to-day activities aren’t delayed or disrupted by the technology.

Let’s explore AES encryption, how it works, and its advantages.

Fail Safe vs Fail Secure: Choosing the right lock for your project

One of the biggest challenges our industry constantly wrestles with is how to achieve a balance between safety and security. How do you keep occupants safe in an emergency without compromising the security of a building? This conflict frequently plays out in discussions of fail safe versus fail secure products. It’s important for installers to understand where each type is most suitable for use.

CDVI Relaunches DIGIWAY Door Automation with new Articulated Arm

Global security technology manufacturer CDVI has relaunched its DIGIWAY door automation range, with refreshed branding as well as exciting new functionality.

The Mobile Revolution in Access Control

Security is streamlining, access control is getting smarter, and we’re becoming more and more reliant on personal devices. So, unsurprisingly, our mobile phones have now become the key (literally) to unlocking doors. Mobile credentials refer to access control systems that allow authorised users to unlock doors from or with their smartphone.

The mobile revolution has become a vital part of access control. Entirely new ecosystems that rely on smartphones are replacing the need to carry traditional plastic access cards. And that’s only one benefit that mobile credentials bring to organisations of virtually any size.

Do you know the 3 core types of access control?

When you think about it, the advantages of access control are clear. Employees, customers, products, data, and equipment can all be protected with a system that covers the whole facility.

What Is an Access Control System?

In a nutshell, access control is a technology-based security system that grants authorised individuals access to specific areas/buildings/rooms via a tag, card, or biometric data. Access control systems come in three variations: Mandatory Access Control (MAC), Discretionary Access Control (DAC) and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

CDVI joins Zitko Talent Alliance

CDVI has joined forces with Zitko Talent as one of the programme’s founding training partners.

Zitko Talent is an exciting partnership of employers, educators and manufacturers devoted to attracting and developing a fresh generation of fire and security engineers.

Access Control: Top Trends for 2021

We have finally shut the door on 2020, and head into 2021 with great uncertainty. But one thing we are certain of, is that the events of 2020 have significantly shaped and evolved the physical security industry. The demands of the COVID-19 pandemic have accelerated the need for and adoption of both existing and emerging technologies to create a safer environment. By identifying access control trends for 2021, we can properly prepare to meet both business and end user needs.

PLEASE NOTE: DPD Have Suspended Timed Delivery Service Until 3rd January 2021

A note to our customers

DPD, the courier and delivery service used by CDVI, has suspended its timed delivery service until 3rd January 2021. This is in anticipation of possibly the busiest online retail period in history in the lead-up to Black Friday and Christmas 2020.

As such, CDVI will not be able to offer timed delivery until DPD resumes this service.

We will continue to dispatch orders according to our usual timeframes, but please be aware that it may take slightly longer for your deliveries to arrive. 

CDVI Announces Acquisition of Biometric Solutions Manufacturer

CDVI, a global security technology leader, has acquired ievo Ltd, a UK-based manufacturer of biometric recognition solutions. ievo’s innovative products are an exciting addition to CDVI’s existing range of access control, door automation, and locking solutions. 

Understanding IP and IK ratings

One of the specifications installers often see are the IP and IK protection ratings. These are indicators of how ‘protected’ the CDVI product is from various elements. Most often, you will see these technicalities presented as “weather resistant” or “vandal resistant.” But what do these acronyms and the numbers next to them mean?

What is an IP rating?

How to Use ATRIUM to Manage Social Distancing in the Workplace

As businesses around the world are preparing to re-open, they will be faced with new, difficult and unprecedented challenges. They will need to adopt stringent regulations that prioritise public safety above all else. The premise, as demonstrated by what we’re seeing in Asia and parts of Europe right now, is that capacity management isn’t just for your special event anymore. It’s for your entire business plan. When you reopen in a post-COVID world, only a certain number of guests, customers, or staff can enter a contained area at any given time, with strict entry regulations.

CDVI Welcomes New Regional Sales Manager for South East

CDVI is delighted to announce that seasoned security sales professional, Richard Money, will be joining the team from 1st October as the Regional Sales Manager for the South East. With over 20 years’ experience in the access control industry, Richard’s wealth of knowledge and experience will be a valuable addition to the CDVI team. 

Online vs Standalone Access Control: How to best meet your needs

Most companies have one goal in common: protect the premises against burglary, theft and unauthorised access as comprehensively as possible. Quite often, however, the actual implementation of this project is their weak point. The question that comes up first is: which access solution best suits our needs? One important choice is between online or offline access control – and what actually is the difference? 

IFSEC Global Report: What did we learn?

IFSEC recently published their State of Physical Access Control in EMEA Businesses report for 2020. Although the data was gathered prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the report is a valuable analysis of the industry within the EMEA region. 

How Small Businesses Can Keep Entrances COVID-19 Secure

As the country begins to ease out of lockdown, many small businesses are faced with the challenge and expense of making significant changes to premises and processes in order to operate safely. Managing security and access in the workplace is just one of those areas that will need to be addressed. How can small businesses combat risk and get staff back to work safely, while maintaining the highest levels of physical security?

CDVI Launches Automatic Mask Detection Solution

CDVI has released a new high-tech biometric solution for helping businesses operate safely as the UK eases out of the COVID-19 lockdown. 

A lightweight and aesthetic solution with aluminium alloy casing and ultra-white tempered glass panel, the FTC1000 helps keep staff and visitors safe from the risk of virus transmission. 

3 Ways Door Automation Improves Your Workplace and Supports Your Employees

Door automation is a versatile and adaptable solution that solves a number of common challenges in modern workplaces. By improving mobility, encouraging good hygiene practices, and enhancing security, door automation has become an essential facet of an effective building management strategy.

CDVI Helps Businesses Get Back to Work with Touchless Solutions

Doorways and entrances are some of the highest-risk locations for virus transmission in a workplace, with high levels of traffic and often multiple shared surfaces. CDVI’s door automation solutions and touchless product range massively reduce the risk of transmission by eliminating the need for physical contact with door handles or exit buttons. 

Touchless Access Control: the future in your workplace

As the global economy slowly starts to pick itself up in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses around the world are having to make big changes to stay afloat and keep employees safe. It is likely that restrictions to our movements, activities, and way of life will remain for many months, or even years to come, so it’s vital that organisations find new ways to operate without putting workers or customers at risk. Touchless access control ensures that staff and visitors can move freely throughout the building without ever needing to touch a shared surface. 


Following the Government's advice relating to the outbreak of COVID-19, CDVI are operating a work-from-home policy for most of our staff until further notice. CDVI UK takes the safety and wellbeing of its employees, customers, and suppliers extremely seriously, and there are multiple measures in place, including home working, to reduce social contact and potential infection as much as possible.

CDVI Announces Secure Bluetooth Reader

The Bluetooth connectivity of the ASDR® allows a handsfree smartphone access to your ATRIUM Access Control system, while the advanced encryption (AES128 & AES256) gives your entire system extra security” – Fiona Hotton, Senior Sales Manager.

CDVI Announces New Features to ATRIUM Access Control

Our Access Control has been developed alongside market trends and wants over the past few years. ATRIUM is a very responsive and flexible online access control solution allowing installers and end users to always get the best value out of the system.” – Daniel Phillips, Product Manager.

CDVI Announces Participation in The Security Event

For the second year running, we are committed to attending The Security Event and showcasing our innovative Access Control solutions to all visitors. Strong from the positive feedback our products got last year, we are looking forward to more successes this year!” – Paul Ramsay, General Manager.

CDVI Announces Participation in SECUREX West Africa

CDVI is globally growing and installing itself as a global access control manufacturer. CDVI UK has recently successfully taken over sales and technical support for the African market, offering innovative access control solutions and localised support.”  – Paul Ramsay, General Manager.

Newsletter - December 2019

Christmas deliveries, office closure, 12 Days of CDVI Christmas giveaways and holiday creation in ATRIUM, everything you need to know to get ready for the festive season is in our December newsletter!

Open letter to our customer support team

Read what our General Manager, Paul Ramsay, had to say to our Technical Support team after they went above and beyond in 2019

Newsletter - November 2019

New local technical support phone numbers for Ireland and South Africa, updated features for the V Series magnets and an ATRIUM case study, read more in our November newsletter.

Update your ATRIUM Access Control to wintertime

This weekend the clocks go back an hour! You will get an extra hour in bed, but you should also notify your ATRIUM system of this hour change.
Find out how to update your time zone and set it for automatic updates.

Newsletter - October 2019

Exciting new features for ATRIUM and DIGIWAY as well as two award nominations, read our October newsletter to find out more.

Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2019 Finalist

CDVI Ltd is finalist in two categories for the Security & Fire Excellence Awards: Security Hardware Manufacturer of the Year and Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Year.

Newsletter - September 2019

Back to school with CDVI this September!

Some exciting new video door entry products, a new training course and training manager and a new logo!

New CDVI Online Training Opportunity

Launched in 2018, the CDVI Training Academy now includes a brand new online course on Basic Access Control.

A new visual identity for CDVI

We are pleased to introduce our new logo, giving CDVI a more modern identity within the Security industry and Access Control market.

Case Study: ATRIUM in Student Accommodations

Thanks to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness, CDVI’s ATRIUM Access Control system is ideal for education buildings and student accommodations.

New 2Easy Video Door Entry kits

Answer your door from anywhere...
CDVI introduces new innovative products to its 2Easy video door entry range. 
Adding on the flexibility and simplicity of the 2Easy series, these new products now feature a Wi-Fi connection and a free mobile app, allowing users to control access from their phone by receiving calls and remotely releasing locks!

Looking for a new Access Control solution?

Our ATRIUM online access control system is a reliable, flexible and cost-effective solution.

Backed by our 10-year warranty, free technical support and free training.

Find out more

Newsletter - Summer 2019

Summer time is almost upon us. Here is to sunshine and brand new innovative access control solutions from us at CDVI!

Exciting news for you this summer:

  • Introducing: STAR1M, innovative standalone access control solution
  • Another successful Cyber Essentials accreditation
  • Half way through the year, looking back at the events we have attended so far and the ones yet to come.

STAR1M – An innovative solution for Standalone Access Control.

The STAR1M is a cost-effective and stylish standalone reader. 
Thanks to its shadow card technology, it allows for easier management of cards and users.

CDVI Accredited to Cyber Essentials security standards

CDVI is pleased to announce its successful accreditation to the Cyber Essentials security standards for the second year running.

CDVI product applications in Mental Health institutions

CDVI’s extensive product range is suitable for many applications, from radio transmission helping referees during football games to door automation installation in care homes. Our access control solutions are recommended for different environments and our technical team is always ready to help specify our products for your requirements and projects.

CDVI Announces New ATRIUM High Security Controller and Readers

This new cutting-edge controller puts CDVI forward as an industry leader in secure access control solutions. Over the past years, CDVI has constantly invested in its Research & Development to give every installers and end users advanced security solutions with enhanced features and benefits.” – Paul Ramsay, CDVI UK General Manager.

Newsletter - Spring 2019

Like flowers in spring, CDVI UK has been blossoming with innovation and new access control solutions. Find out more below!

Exciting news for you this March:

  • ATRIUM integration with Texecom
  • A brand new online training course
  • Check your diaries! Join us for multiple events this year

CDVI Announces Texecom Intruder Alarm Integration with ATRIUM

From boosting productivity, to lower costs, integrating a security system can benefit businesses in many ways. The recent CDVI’s ATRIUM / Texecom integration gives ATRIUM users a fully functional integrated security system.” – Fiona Hotton, UK Senior Sales Manager.

Our 3 best-selling transmission solutions

CDVI offers a full range of innovative transmission solutions for every situation and installation. Manufactured in Italy by CDVI Wireless, transmitters and receivers cover a wide range of possible applications, from door and blind automation to helping referees raise flags during football games in Switzerland!

CDVI Announces Advanced Door Automation Solutions

Our DIGIWAY Series is an innovative electromechanical door automation solution for both interior and exterior doors, providing a universal solution to meet many installation needs.” – Daniel Phillips, UK Product Manager.

CDVI's patented products are driving innovation in the security market

CDVI's large portfolio of issued worldwide patents and patent applications is heavily oriented towards physical access control and addresses almost every major door, lock and access control market.

CDVI Announces New Readers with Advanced Technologies

MIFARE® and DESFire® cards and readers are far more secure than traditional readers thanks to the encrypted technology used. The new SOLSYSDW and SOLARMD are recommended for use with access control systems in higher security areas and buildings.” – Ian Oakley, UK Technical Support Manager.

Integrated Security System with ATRIUM Online Access Control

From boosting productivity, to lower costs, integrating a security system can benefit businesses in many ways. The recent CDVI’s ATRIUM / Texecom integration gives ATRIUM users a fully functional integrated security system.

CDVI Announces New Innovative Access Control Solutions

Our experience as an access control manufacturer truly makes CDVI the installer’s choice. Thanks to innovative products answering installers’ needs, CDVI remains after 20 years a major player in the English security market.” – Daniel Phillips, UK Product Manager.

Exhibitions 2019

Come meet the CDVI team during one of our exhibitions this year.

CDVI UK Announces Participation in The Security Event

Our attendance at The Security Event highlights our dedication in providing modern and reliable Access Control solutions to all installers in the United Kingdom, while showcasing new innovative products.” – Paul Ramsay, CDVI UK General Manager.

Newsletter - Winter 2018

Your CDVI Christmas is just around the corner!

Exciting news for you this December:

  • Celebrate our 20th birthday with us in 2019
  • Plan your training sessions for next year
  • Make sure you are aware of our Christmas closing time
  • Support us for the Outstanding Security Performance Awards in February

CDVI Ltd finalist in two OSPAs categories

"UK OSPA finalists highlight exceptional industry talent and innovation" - Professor Martin Gill, Founder of the OSPAs

CDVI Ltd awarded “Best Home Security Products Manufacturer 2018”

SME News Magazine have announced the winners of the 2018 Southern Enterprise Awards.

New strikes added to CDVI's range of EURO strikes

WR Series - dustproof and weatherproof strikes
GISIP - designed for high security environments with 750g holding force

Our catalogue is online!

To make it more accessible to you and your customers, we published our brand new catalogue online.

Securing your access control system with improved cards and readers technology

How secure is your access control system?

Access control systems come in different types to answer diverse security needs. Knowing the different technologies available on the market allows for informed choices to be made.

Newsletter - Autumn 2018

It's back-to-school with CDVI!

​Exciting new products and features to make your life easier this September:

  • add a lockdown option to your ATRIUM access control system
  • control doors and gates remotely thanks to our Bluetooth GALEO keypad
  • learn everything you need to know about GDPR when managing access 
  • get to know our growing team!

Smart Buildings and Access Control

What can access control systems do for an efficient building management? 

GDPR Compliant Access Control by CDVI at the ASC Business Group

CDVI's product manager, Daniel Phillips, has been invited by the Association of Security Consultants to present at their Business Group on the 27th of September 2018 on GDRP compliant access control.

Our award winning GALEO keypad is now Bluetooth!

Gone are the days of classic programming having to enter each user codes one by one, site by site! The GALEO Bluetooth allows you to programme and control everything remotely via an app available on both IOS and Android.

CDVI UK welcomes Andy Cross

CDVI UK welcomes Andy Cross as Regional Sales Manager - North and National Installer Accounts.

CDVI invites you to Paris this summer!

To celebrate the launch of our new catalogue, we are giving you the opportunity to win 2 return Eurostar tickets to Paris and 300€ to spend during your trip!

CDVI UK renews its membership with the ADIA

The Automatic Door Installation Association supports over 150 door automation professionals, from installers to manufacturers.

Newsletter - Summer 2018

The latest and exciting news from CDVI UK! 
Many new products, successful fire tests and a chance to win a Fire 10HD tablet or £400 of CDVI products

Get trained on CDVI products at Tavcom Training!

With the help of CDVI, Tavcom can now train installers directly on the ATRIUM web-based access control.

How do CDVI products fit in your installations?

At CDVI, we take pride in designing our products to fit both the installers’ and end users’ needs. To do so we rely on feedback and on real-time applications of our products.

CDVI UK welcomes Darren Roberts

CDVI UK welcomes Darren Roberts as Regional Sales Manager - South.

Newsletter - Spring 2018

2018 is now far under way and at CDVI we are very excited to share with you what we have been up to for the past months.

New Features and New Possibilities in ATRIUM 4.2

After the launch of a new web interface and app, the upgraded elevator control function and the Aperio integration in September 2017, we are now proud to announce new features in our ATRIUM web-based access control.

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